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Property & Liability

Does your current insurance plan cover your business needs and potential issues?

A Liability and Property package policy includes General Liability insurance to cover your commercial business for physical assets, such as contents, that are leased or owned. The insurance policy may also cover loss of business income and extra expenses resulting from an unexpected peril. A business insurance policy generally insures lost or damaged property for replacement value. The property insurance portion of a General Liability and property policy also covers other people's personal property to the extent that the business owner is legally liable for the damage.

The Liability policy extends liability protection to a number of people involved in your business.

  • If your business is a partnership or joint venture, this policy would cover all partners or members and their spouses.
  • If your business is a corporation or association, this policy would also cover all executive officers, directors.
  • Your employees would also be protected -- while they are acting in their capacity as employees.
  • Your policy would also extend liability coverage to any subsidiary for which you own more than 50% of the voting stock.
  • Any person or organization, such as a vendor, with whom you have a written agreement to indemnify, would also be protected against liability claims for any bodily injury or property damage that results from distributing or selling your products.
  • Any newly acquired organization would also be protected under your policy for 90 days to newly acquired companies.
  • Your legal representatives would also be afforded liability coverage under this policy -- for any liability arising from the maintenance or use of your property in their care.
  • While acting under your direction and within the scope of their responsibilities for you, any volunteers for your business would also be extended liability coverage.

Commercial Building

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Strata Insurance

The Commercial Strata Insurance Plan provides an 'all in one' cover for your building and the contents of your commercial and industrial strata schemes.

It also includes mportant complementary covers and a range of additional and special benefits. Also note the lowest premium is not always the cheapest as there are often crucial differentials in protection. Comparing insurance policies is not a case of comparing 'apples with apples' - there are wide variations in the type and extent of protection. It's imperative that you speak with one of our expert agents to get good advice for your Strata.